Dr. Howard Feldman

Specializing in stratigraphic architecture of siliciclastic reservoirs

I have over 30 years of experience working on petroleum geology in exploration, production, development, and research. I have expertise in applying sequence stratigraphic models to all clastic environments with particular emphasis on fluvial, coastal, and deep marine settings. 

I spent 26 years at ExxonMobil in a wide range of geoscience positions, starting at Exxon Production Research. My experience includes leading large production and exploration teams, and working on many projects integrating core, wells, and seismic. These projects range from production in super-mature fields to exploration in basins with sparse data.

Prior to Exxon I worked in the petroleum section of the Kansas Geological Survey in which I applied stratigraphic concepts to both carbonate and clastic reservoirs and used outcrops to develop conceptual models of reservoir architecture.

I am currently located in Fort Collins, Colorado, where, in addition to running Feldman Geosciences LLC, and am an Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Geosciences, Colorado State University in Fort Collins. 

I am co-editor of an SEPM book on sequence stratigraphy, which can be purchased here:

I am also editor and principal author of a new SEPM introductory book on siliciclastic facies that will hopefully be published by the end of 2023.