What we do

Stratigraphic reservoir architecture

Feldman Geosciences LLC provides a range of services to assist asset managers to make the best business decisions by extracting as much information as possible from the available data. I specialize in clastic reservoirs in which stratigraphic compartmentalization is a key component.

Upcoming Events



Sunday August 27 to Monday August 28

Houston, Texas, USA

Workshop on siliciclastic core interpretation

An introduction to siliciclastic core interpretation in fluvial, coastal, and deepwater settings.


Parasequence Research Conference

Green River UT, USA

October 9-12

Two days of field trips and two days of presentations and discussions on the modern relevance of parasequences


2023 Perkins-Rosen Conference

Houston, Texas, December 4-6

Invited talk: Danube Fan, a levee-dominated deepwater fan

About Me

Dr. Howard Feldman

I have over 30 years of experience working on petroleum geology in exploration, production, development, and research. I have expertise in applying sequence stratigraphic models to all clastic environments with particular emphasis on fluvial, coastal, and deep marine settings. 

I spent 26 years at ExxonMobil in a wide range of geoscience positions, starting at Exxon Production Research. My experience includes leading large production and exploration teams, and participating in many projects integrating core, wells, and seismic ranging from production in super-mature fields to exploration in basins with sparse data.